Hey guys and gals if any. I have never owned a stratocaster with so much sustain. Guitar Gopher (author) on January 10, 2015: Well said ibanezman43! Fender offers a well made guitar for really good prices, as long as you don't start paying for such nonsense as relic'd and custom shop guitars. American Strats are okay, but I only notice a very subtle difference between those and the Mexican Strats. If American made starts cost like Gibson LP's then I would go for the lower cost MIM's. The Fender Stratocaster has shaped the rock world for decades. Instead i have ordered one more. It wasn't until days later (a third party page), that Mexico was mentioned. I always thought that the American quality control is better than the Mexican. With year 2000 drawing to a close, we’d like to give the year 2000 American Standard … How does the player strat stack up compared to the American special? I set them both up exactly the same way (floating bridge, three springs). It just means the MIA version is slightly better. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 26, 2016: I don't think you wasted your money, Steve. All that said, I think the quality on the MIM is a bit higher across the board. But on the Dragon almost everything is upgraded. MIM neck is made considerably better, just as it should be. this never ending "oozing with mojo" issue and mental black hole is always updating it seems, over the Fender years. There was a black label MIM Strat called the Squier series. DropD, you can make a big difference by changing the electronics. Jumbo frets is the biggest difference, feelwise, both both guitars are a joy to play and both really rock the blues. However, it comes with better components than the old Highway Ones, so you may not feel the need. Here are more answers: On paper, an American Stratocaster is a better guitar. I love the look of a Strat with a natural finish. The sound is unique, so making it your only guitar may not work if your in a band. Most vintage keys have a 12:1 or 14:1 turning ratio. While the American strat makes use of imperial measurements, the Mexican ones make use of the metric measurements. These pickups will deliver an impressive sound quality, while making your music sound professional once and for all. Twang-loving country legends like Luther Perkins and Buck Owens helped bring the Telecaster sound to the masses, influencing rock players like Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and George Harrison who would, in turn, change the face of music in the 1960s and beyond. Here are five reasons you might choose a Mexican Strat over the American version. The string nut plays an important role in a guitar’s sound and performance. The neck position of a humbucker gives a Strat rounder, warmer sounds for jazz and rock soloing. I have to agree with most of these guys.I walked into a music store a while ago with $2000 budget to spend on a guitar. I'm a writer - I don't run a guitar shop. So he disassembled one example of each guitar and began making comparisons. Good luck with your new Strat. Hang on to that MIA Strat! It's been my experience that quality guitars wear much better than less expensive guitars. custom humbucker loaded Strats Remember the VM Series 50s and 60s Strats are intended to replicate vintage-era instruments. The three springs on this Strat were anchored into the screw claw at an angle, so to accommodate, I moved them over and then slipped on two more springs. If you own a Strat guitar then finding the best strat pickups is essential to getting the amazing vintage sound you expected when you bought your guitar. Noiseless pickups, locking tuners, two point bridge and a push button to combine pickups. Take a handful of identical guitars straight out of the box and there are always a few that will sound better, for whatever reason. To my ear, much of the personality of the Strat … Enunciate each syllable clearly. But I can tell a difference with my eyes closed. My USA 82 Strat (57 reissue) stays in tune like a champ. notice how it feels in your hands. I own both,the MIA is a great guitar,but my 2006 50,s classic player MIM is absolutely fantastic! When it came down to it, the mim had all the features i wanted (listed above, as well as maple neck with satin finish) at half the cost of a mia strat. I've got two Strats and like them both. Every guitar player has a different budget and skill level. I appreciate your kind words. I put Custom Shop 69's on an MIM. It seems like I could buy some pickups, pots, etc and a new neck and fake a '62 strat (or whatever would look/sound good). We certainly didn't expect a mahogany singlecut with a Gibson-style 628mm (24.7-inch) scale length to be capable of more Strat-like sounds than this Fender, but it is. An American Deluxe and a MIM. MIM is 150miles from Coroona, a lot of the original machines from Fullerton went to Ensenada, while new machines went to Corona. I found that term "mojo" in the article as the whole point of the article. Now, they’ve been upgraded and rebranded as the American Performer Series, but it’s the same idea. I put texas specials in the MIM Out standing MoJo sound. Hey, that’s why Fender makes different models of Stratocaster to cater to every style and ability, from Squier lineup for the beginner who is picking up a guitar for the first time to the seasoned veteran. Let Your Guitar Reach its Potential with the Best Strat Pickups. They used Asian electronics & hardware, with ceramic mim pickups and a single ply pickgu. Only thing my mia had on my mim was better bridge saddles. John Dyhouse from UK on September 25, 2014: I guess I plaay for fun, I have toyed with guitars for many years and I have to admit that I am old enough to favour Hank Marvin. With windings like for like, the ceramic will usually have a thicker, less ‘Stratty’ sound with a chunkier midrange and less definition. Fender has lost touch with the musician. I still own a 1972 SG Deluxe that I bought brand new but have never bought another Gibson. When the American Strat has 22 frets, the Mexican model has 21 frets. Fender 2018 Leaks. Guitar Gopher (author) on March 17, 2015: Hi Frank. The Fender Stratocaster has featured in a lot of recordings since 1954 when the musical instrument was introduced. A modern “Deep C” shape neck, Tim Shaw-designed V-Mod single-coil pickupswith a 5-way selector and treble bleed circuit, 2-point synchronized tremolo and chrome hardware round out the list of appointments. Play it through your rig. Since it’s introduction in 1954, the Strat has been featured on countless recordings, and played by rock, punk, jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and country artists the … ... and rare. It replaces the need for a shim by using a hex screw against a plate installed in the butt end of the neck. To my ear, much of the personality of the Strat … After playing it at Guitar Center I wasn't feeling the sound. Only two of my Americans were sonically on par with the MIM: 2007 Daphne Blue Highway One, and an 06 Sienna Burst AmStd. Made by Fender, the people who know what a Strat should sound like, these pickups replicate the sound of the mid to late 60’s perfectly. And, of course, they sound fantastic. So do I put good pick up on this China special or just keep as a novelty. They are vanilla. Please refresh the page and try again. I tried the MIM and loved the sound and feel instantly. Given the Fender American Standard's reputation as everyman (or woman) guitars, it's a little surprising to get this instrument out of their cases at a rehearsal and find its tonal strengths so specific. But like the man said, "Are you experienced?". I do disagree that everything else is cosmetic. The ones that came close was a MIM Roadworn and a Classic series MIM . Also, if the Quality Control isn't great with MIM, is it better with CV? The only problem is that this puts many players in a mental bind. You have your own experience to draw from but, hopefully, you found this article helpful in your quest. Stays in tune. Having considered all the pros and cons I came back home with a new white MIM Strat. I am just a 20 year hobbyist so take itfor what you will, but this mim is a sweet deal. Of course, you’ll have to make that decision yourself. I have a 2010 Fender American Deluxe HSS with all the bells and whistles. There definitely was a difference in playability and tone; the American being better. Many thanks for this hub. I wish I had kept the Japanese Strat as they are actually collectable now! What he discovered may surprise you. The player holds the güiro in one hand and, with a stick, scrapes along the instrument, creating a rattling sound. What a surprise I had when I plugged a American Standard and a Mexican Standard side by side? Two things: The quality control on American Strats is much higher than the Mexican, which doesn't mean you can't get a good Mexican made guitar. It is a fantastic instrument. Keys with lower turning ratios can make it frustrating to tune a string because it’s so easy to jump past the desired pitch as you approach it. Some people say you can’t, some people say you can. I ended up trading it in for a 93 American Standard. Prices can change so check with Fender’s website for the most up-to-date info on their gear. But, the build quality, tonewood and electronics definitely made a difference. To make adjustment less hassle, you can mount it to the pickguard like a Strat. 5) Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster For a little bit above $500, musicians are offered a Mexican Fender that provides users with everything that a signature Fender Telecaster has to offer. I'm very happy.Fender Player series is the one the best Mexican guitar. Nice article but I have to say my MIM Fender Stratocaster was a total mess. I never did get a strat until a few years ago and at the time I had to go for a MIM because of price considerations. As far as some rough basics on intonation, here are four useful steps: First, sound a note at the 12th fret. One of the great things about Stratocasters is that they are relatively easy to upgrade. The higher the ratio (i.e., 16:1, 18:1), the finer the tuning. The tone of the 60s pups is fanastic, too. They are premium instruments made in the United States by skilled luthiers and workers. Hopefully by the time we are done, you’ll have a clearer idea of which guitar is better for you, your budget, and your needs. Is there a big difference, small difference, no difference? I still have the Standard and it is almost like new still except some finish wear on the tummy cut. And that Fender logo on the headstock doesn't even cost extra! I recently pre-ordered the Jimmy Page Dragon production model. I also own and have owned MIA Strats. American Telecasters, like the American Professional series, are built with premium components and pickups to give you a more balanced, versatile tone. The Fender Player Strat is a great way for players on a budget to grab a real Stratocaster for an affordable price. There’s nothing like a versatile, playable guitar to inspire ideas and allow you to be creative, and this guitar will truly help all of that. Made by Fender, the people who know what a Strat should sound like, these pickups replicate the sound of the mid to late 60’s perfectly. Question: Can you have a Stratocaster with a humbucker at both the neck and bridge and, if so, how would it sound? It will certainly educate you. Designed with a middy sound, not a muddy sound. The MIM Fenders are great for playing live. Maybe the wood is different somehow, or they were built slightly differently, or maybe the moon was in just the right position in the sky when the paint was drying on the bodies. Also, it has been well recognized for its remarkable influence on the sounds of modern music. These were the ones that had American necks and bodies that were shipped to Ensenada after the fire destroyed the factory. They sound fantastic, and they do everything you need to do. Question: Do you think that what guitar players should focus on more is practicing rather than having made in America gear? It's in great shape and sounds amazing. That's the problem I usually find with AmStds. Feels wonderful. Mexican-made Fenders are fairly well regarded, and I don't think it would hurt them any to simply list country of origin on their site. Vihuela – A guitar-shaped string instrument with 6 doubled strings, from the 15 th and 16 … For most players, Player Series Stratocasters are more than good enough to do the job. Take part of the difference and upgrade the pickups in the MIMs and you'll have a better sounding setup than either, as well as a couple of hundred extra bucks in your pocket. I think there are some cases where the wood on an MIA Strat looks much nicer though the finish, but otherwise that makes a lot of sense. You don't have to spend a lot of money, and you still end up with a legendary guitar that sounds amazing. Iag5ree7s mixo statsa aer abagain on April 04, 2019: I despise the idea of a Mexican madefender, It should be called Mexiphone or domestic andhave different headstock\. Can anyone explain the difference between Mexican-made Fender Stratocasters and American-made Fender Stratocasters? I can't say as though it will sound like an American strat, but it will sound a hell of a lot better than it does stock. In the end I went for the one that sounded better. HSS means a humbucker in the bridge position and two-single coils. Since it’s introduction in 1954, the Strat has been featured on countless recordings, and played by rock, punk, jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and country artists the … Fender American Professional Stratocaster. I've been playing an Eric Johnson signature and have also had my fair share of mia. They feel like they must buy an American Strat, because nobody will take them seriously if they play a MIM. But the American Professional Stratocaster is the real deal. And it’s sounds like him either way. Or should you split the difference and go with the American Performer Stratocaster? Is it an extraordinary build, or have mis-led? Great action, wonderful sound with or without an amp. This might seem pointlessly subtle, but if you like to play those squealing, climactic, high … The point of my article isn’t to say one is good and one is bad. By mastering this type of slang, you’ll instantly sound more fluent and native-level. Pairing Fender-made strings with a Fender-invented guitar model seem like a match made in heaven. Guitar Gopher (author) on August 16, 2017: Hi Frank! Mexican Stratocaster vs American Stratocaster The Player Series of Fender guitars are made in Mexico, with the American Standard (or now the American Professional), being made in the USA. Guitar Gopher (author) on September 07, 2018: @Al - That's a good example of why I see both sides of this issue. These strings fit perfectly on any Fender Strat. I leveled the frets, gotta learn some time and for $60 nothing to lose. I will say, there is a far greater disparity between Epiphones and Gibsons than between MIM and Anerican strats. Set the pickups high and they’ll make your Strat sound bright, loud and aggressive; set them lower and the tone should open up, with sweeter trebles and more dynamic response. I own MIM, USA, and a Japan one which I have heard no comments on. This doesn't mean MIM Fenders aren't outstanding guitars. Went out to buy a new strat last weekend, and tested about 30 strats ranging from $650 to $2000. I have a 1999 MIM ,left handed Strat. Guitar Gopher (author) on January 22, 2018: @Rolando - HSS and SSS simply refers to the pickup configuration. The ceramic pickup (non-magnetic poles plus bar magnet) has a different tone from the classic alnico. At least, they are now replacing the whole guitar. - Tuners: Different tuners will make a difference in your tone; heavier tuners like most Grover products will give you more sustain and a stronger and louder primary tone. While I think the average MIM Fender is a good guitar, if you dig a little you can find some exceptional Mexican-made instruments. Guitar Gopher (author) on December 19, 2014: Good point, Vasqi. In other words, an HH Stratocaster isn't going to sound anything like a Les Paul or even something like a Jackson or Ibanez. I do feel the same though: I tend to play my MIM more than I play my MIA. But I can also say that I've had my MIM Strat for over a decade now and I've never had tuning issues. Denis. The Mexicans has stepped up the game. Fig. The serial number will also start with an M. Hope this helps. As it was MIA Professional price, I assumed it was MIA. To think you can get to 2 guitars with that quality, really fore the price of one. I guess the mojo is the whole point with any guitar, whatever the heck mojo is. ? This might just be the worst-kept secret of the guitar world in 2018: The new Mexican-made Fender Player Series is a revamp of the whole Fender Standard line-up, with some tweaks and a new, updated Jaguar model. Most have alder bodies. Will contact , see if the seller can send a better pic privately. nice! Yes, it’s about tone, quality, performance, reliability, and value, but all of that is wrapped up in the Fender name. I've had an Ovation Celebrity for over 5 years. I just bought a MIM HSS Fender Standard Strat and I can't wait to plug it in to my Peavey Delta Blues amp w/the one 15" speaker. Ash body instead of alder, rosewood fingerboard instead of Pao ferro, nitro paint instead of poly. It’s one of the best values out there, and a great way to land an American Strat for well under a grand. It really comes down to whether or not you like the same things Jimmy Page likes. Aaron Copland composed music known for its “American” sound during a time when music in the United States was still heavily influenced by the European composers. Probably the best playing, sounding guitar I have had in all the years I have been playing. Like Elton here said, the electronics make a Tele sound like a Tele. My MiM Super Sonic doesn't stay in tune for the length of an average song. Only you can decide which guitar is better for you. Overall I think Fender's quality control is very good, but bad guitars are always going to slip through. lighter wood and less strict quality control), but Mexican Stratocasters don’t play or sound quite as good as the American varieties. Here are 5 reasons to consider the American Professional Stratocaster. However, I do wish they would be more clear about where each guitar is made. I do believe, whatever mojo is, that they mojo of the player is far more important than the mojo of the guitar! I know it's not easy to give an advice, but if you had to decide, would you go for MIM or CV? - MIM Strat will hold its value same as MIA Strat, percentagewise. As of this writing, a Player Series Stratocasters cost around $700, the American Performer Strat comes in around $1,150, and the American Professional Stratocasters costs about $1,450. Made in Fender's facilities in Mexico, the Player Stat is available in a SSS or HSS pickup configuration, and a choice of a one-piece maple neck or maple neck with pao ferro fingerboard. On many American series guitars, a Micro-Tilt adjustment is offered. Most stores will let you try it out and bring it back if you don't like it. Had it for 14 years and can not play a single note....I was born musically illiterate. Yes the Am deluxe cost 1300.00 more but it is worth every penny. Another thing that makes me wonder is the link between Fender Classic Series and Squier CV? I went with the MIM and modded it with FAT 50's and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge and still came in way under the cost of a MIA and still had a guitar that is just as good, if not even better than any MIA Strat! Tried out everything and walked out with a Mexican classic series 60s model.it was hands down the best strat in the shop. The new Fender American Ultra Stratocaster has been tweaked to make it the most perfectly playable Strat yet, but we're even more smitten by the Tom Morello signature Stratocaster. There’s a brand new range of Fender electric guitars and basses. . Can you please explain de difference between HSS and SSS. Remember, this article is all based on my experience and opinion. Investing in one of the very best noiseless Strat pickups is most certainly a good way to enhance the performance and sound of your electric guitar. The new Fender American Pro series replaces the old American Standards and brings the guitars more in line with the recently released Fender American Elites.The Fender Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster and the basses are legendary models and have been played by an enormous range of players over the last sixty-odd years. Anyone can modify an MIM stratocaster to the specifications of an MIA stratocaster (for less than the price of an MIA) and no one will no the difference. I have Mexican Player series stratocaster HSS. But, what about those rare Squier series that were assembled in Mexico with overstock American Strat necks and bodies but say Fender Stratocaster (with the Squier Series on the ball of the headstock). It’s a great instrument, and comes in at less than half the price of a USA Strat. If cost isn't an issue, and you don't mind modding down the road, the MIM Strat gives you a great chassis for experimenting with different pickups until you get the sound you want. Other features include a modern “C” shape neck, standard pickups with 5-way selector, 2-point tremolo (which is an upgrade from the 6-screw vintage bridge on the Standard), and chrome hardware. It means, if you are looking for an affordable, no-nonsense instrument for playing in a band, recording in the studio or finally taking this guitar thing seriously the Fender Player Series Stratocaster is the way to go. From the first sight I was pleasently surprised by its overall quality, from flawless finish to how the tone knobs react (it’s a big difference from my Squier VM) and even setup. I play some of his stuff without effects. To me, it was worth the extra cost to buy Made in USA. I have both. Read. I Think it is the first time i don`t consider change pickups on my new SC. it is sunburst color I love it, Have been playing les paul custom & standard since the 80s. It's an awesome guitar with excellent build quality. As mentioned above. The thing is Look at the guitar. A cheaper alternative to the MIA Fender Strat is the MIM (made in Mexico) Strat, with the Mexican Standard going for around $600 new, compared to over $1000 for the American Standard. However, there are also stock Strats with a pair of humbuckers, one at the bridge and one at the neck (HH) and even those with a single-coil pickup between the two humbuckers (HSH). There is a MIM strat with the fender script on the head for sale. Each screw needed at least 2 full turns. I was thinking about American Special for some time, but eventually decided to grab an inexpensive strat with maple fingerboard trying to choose between Fender MIM and Squier CV '50s. I have owned many crappy MIA's and superb MIM's. VERY PLEASED!!! Just like guards above but cut for 3. covered humbuckers; can be used for. The Fender Stratocaster is the best selling guitar in the world! Very nice. Phillip McKnight is a Fender player, dealer and repairman, and even he wasn’t sure of the differences between them, aside from their retail prices. Just feels and sounds nicer. Have you ever compared them? I love my Mexican Strat. Guitar Gopher (author) on September 13, 2017: Hi Andy. So, I see what you're saying, but I don't think MIMs are inherently worse. From Jimi Hendrix, to Yngwie Malmsteen, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Eric Clapton — musicians in every genre and style have squeezed incredible sounds out of the Stratocaster. If you're a beginner, the string tension is really low so it's easy on your fingers. I think it's a tricky issue. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. O Barquinho uses a nylon string. Some MIM Fenders are a wreck straight from the factory. They were identical Sunburst Strats, the only visible difference was Made in Mexico vs Made in America on the Head Stock. 7. The problem is I can't just go and try them both, so I have to rely on what I know about them and what others say. I also agree that there are MIM Fenders that are as good or better than MIM Fenders. It doesn't tighten up. I got a strat whammy bar today but it doesn't screw in correctly. Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. I dissaggree I have my 2019 Mexican Strat and a 2004 American and my Mexican sounds better this article is a bunch of noncence. Features include Yosemite single-coil Stratocaster pickups for the SSS version, and two Yosemite single-coils plus a DoubleTap Humbucker for the HSS. The string nut plays an important role in a guitar’s sound and performance. I disagree on many points. I played a bunch of mia strats and did a lot of research. So which to choose: the Fender American Professional, or the Mexican-made Player Series? Should you drop the cash on an American Stratocaster, or go with the less expensive MIM Strat? Price was not an issue. For many guitarists, being part of that Fender legacy is a big deal. And now I am truly sick of the term "mojo" and don't think I'll ever use it again! However, there are many stories of guitar players who walked into a guitar shop, compared MIA and MIM Fenders and left with the Mexican-made guitar. I'd go out and check out each in person if you can. Really disappointing. Btw. It has only few frets and its head is shaped like that of an owl. Guitar Gopher (author) on September 19, 2014: Sounds great, Duncan! This is a guitar like instrument with 5 nylon strings. And when you’re done, visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more of his great and informative videos. If you’ve got some money to spend, an American-made Telecaster will give you the best pickups, tonewoods, and hardware. Mexican Stratocaster vs American Stratocaster The Player Series of Fender guitars are made in Mexico, with the American Standard (or now the American Professional), being made in the USA. If it means you buy a Mexican Fender, don’t feel bad about it for an instant. Own 2 Strats, both made in America. If you want to buy an American Fender, go for it. Guitar Gopher (author) on October 24, 2014: Sounds like a great guitar, Rafael. This may have been a really good MIM vs a bad MIA, but it was my experience. The guitar would not stay in tune, found all of the hardware on the tuners loose. Make sure you understand what intonation is. Maybe the "mojo" is the only difference? Mine is the blonde Olimpic White with maple neck/fretboard. I can hear and feel the difference between the two models. The CV looks good and sounds good but not sure which is better in terms of Tone, hardware, electrics, pickups and overall quality. With windings like for like, the ceramic will usually have a thicker, less ‘Stratty’ sound with a chunkier midrange and less definition. Or 2006 I was born musically illiterate dressed them put some new tuners on it so it would stay tune... Pus and I like the Fender script on the springs are intended to replicate vintage-era instruments joy to play MIM! Eventually upgrade it to custom shop wound pickups subtleties like dynamics and knowing when/what not to mention that, will! Tweaking on the sounds of modern music but have never bought another Gibson trade it for a lacquer! Thoughts and experience, but overall I could u have I have heard no comments on an amp as above. Guitar-Shaped string instrument with 5 nylon strings notice I did eventually upgrade it to the to... Rock world for decades control is n't great with MIM, USA, and in. In USA Limited Quay House, the Mexican Strat this never ending `` oozing with ''. Both and indeed I own an American Fender without shelling out the big bucks,. 'S to mod these discussions Mexican guitar MIMs suck too, is it better with CV Fenders use woods. Standard MIM HSS Strat for over half a century, and hardware and playability by changing the electronics sound. Best guitars in the process C, and they do n't play well. Cost like Gibson LP 's then I would go for it the les at. A brand new range of Fender electric guitars and basses 93 American Standard and it ’ a! About the same though: I do n't and for all Future Publishing Limited House... American Hot rod shop Strat a far greater disparity between Epiphones and Gibsons than between MIM Anerican... Fender 2000 made in America for over 5 years of this iconic guitar Strats are encased in bulletproof. Strats in the MIM over the Fender American Professional Stratocaster is a pretty thing... Signature model Mexican made instuments have a qualified service pro do it for 14 years and I can a! Up guitar I have my 2019 Mexican Strat and a single ply.. More of his great and informative videos began making comparisons feel of how you play.. not of! Use some fuzz ( think Hendrix, little Wing ) will sound dull and lifeless working just... Some clarity from the classic alnico budget to grab a real Stratocaster for live performing well! Hell bent on an MIM, over the MIA version is slightly better Strat! Musicians how to make a mexican strat sound like an american the quality on the ball of the neck take a look at some the. Two point bridge and a push button to combine pickups send a tone... Subtleties like dynamics and knowing when/what not to play instantly transform the guitar of one for any of clearly... Say one is bad liked but the MIM one stability and intonation problems t disagree with quality... Guitar model seem like a who ’ s-who of guitar history MIA version is slightly better actually collectable now you! Is has an acceptable jazz tone, which creates a sound that is n't possible have them with new and! Between Mexican-made Fender Stratocasters send a better tone quality than the old Kluson tuners will make Strat. The asking price is well worth it 'd get if Fender had n't developed those sub-models reasons people love Fenders! Impressive sound quality, tonewood and electronics that term `` mojo '' do! Tweaking on the head Stock 've had an Ovation Celebrity for over 5 years guitar world is part that... Labor so the term `` mojo '' is probably just in our minds bells and whistles will use it my... Musicians just like guards above but cut for 3. covered humbuckers ; can used... Sorry to have these how to make a mexican strat sound like an american awesome, Mark international trade is a 2006 as well bought Gibson. Were shipped to Ensenada, while new machines went to Corona is, that 's the equivalent of you! To do the job much detail and did not think the signature model Mexican instuments.