Tea farmers in for a tough year as fertiliser subsidies dropped.. Kenyan mangoes have a ripe market in Japan, This powder prevents contaminated water from seeping out of pit latrines, Onions from Tanzania killing the business for Kenyan farmers, Indian cotton seed maker eyeing Kenyan market, EU market opens up for Kenyan fish farmers, Cheap maize sheller saves farmers tens of hours, GMO maize promises to triple farmers' yields, Reducing posts-harvest losses can triple small-scale farmers' earnings, Kenya can export more than 30,000 tonnes of gum, Timber sellers contracting farmers to grow trees, FAO: Combining livestock and crop farming triples earnings, All Weetabix wheat to come from British farmers, Lack of quality planting material to blame for poor crop yields, Kenya at a good place to bridge France's dire need of pineapples, Strange animal killing livestock in Eldoret, Kenyan wheat farmers urge government to increase import tax, Farmers urged to find market ahead of production to deal with surplus losses, Meru farmer selling mature mango plants in small pots, KSh700 insemination for Nyandarua farmers as vets get motorbikes, Farmers urged to embrace tissue culture bananas, Narok milk plant to start making chocolate bars in September, Tomato farmers use sex traps to fight Tuta Absoluta, High-yielding grafted apples for low rainfall regions, UK researchers against free solar kits for Kenyans, Plastic mulch drastically reduces production costs, Groundnut farmers urged to adopt 4x yielding varieties, Demand spikes as bitter melon linked to cancer cure, Two fungi to end fodder scarcity during drought, Purple antiseptic protects chicks from hawks, Nakuru County to vaccinate 400,000 animals, Nyandarua Sh700 insemination plan on despite protest, Passsion fruit shortage hits soft drink companies, Narok farmers urged to store wheat until prices rise, Enterprising Kenyan leader spearheads snail farming, Flower farmers smiling as Valentine's Day approaches, Rift Valley Fever now has a working vaccine, Liquid paraffin helps day-old chick on first feeding, Bees keeping errant elephants away from farm fields, Farmer tapping money from the flourishing strawberry market, Charolais can earn farmers over Sh0.5 million in two years, Chemical-free ways of wiping out 'witch weed' from farms, KALRO unveils super-yield indigenous chicken, Kitchen Soko linking farmers to Nairobi consumers, New KALRO poultry vaccines don’t need fridges to store, Nakuru farmer increases milk production by letting cows watch TV, High-end hotels in Kenya create best turkey market, Blight resistant GMO potato being tested for Kenya market, Curing extends potato shelf-life to 40 days, Ugandan farmers petition UNDP to cut ties with Bidco, Farmers make higher sales through WhatsApp, EU to support banana factory for Taita-Taveta, Groundnuts earn Mpeketoni farmer Sh320,000 in three months, Fertiliser distribution hampered by poor roads, Rivals dismiss calls on UNDP to cut Uganda Bidco ties, KALRO selling Mucinya' sweet potato that creeps 4X faster, High demand for Kenya's passion fruit in Belgium, An affordable insurance cover for Smallholder farmers in Kenya, Converting female to male tilapia fish is more productive, Storage bag secures cereals against pests, Farmers unity defeats non-paying sugar millers, A common weed that prevents coccidiosis in chicken, Fruits drying raises Kenyan farmers' earnings by 10 times, Bicycle pump for small-scale use available, Agri-OLX platform point Kenyan farmers to a broader market, Worms churn garbage to 'gold' for farmers, Machakos fruit factory to benefit farmers, Suitable maize varieties for your region this planting season, Mbegu Choice helping farmers get high value seed online, Super fertilizer that add 10 kilos to banana yields, Nakuru farmers earning Sh200,000 a month from basil exports, How farmer earned Sh100,000 from guinea fowl pets, Two cows' dung saves farmer thousands of shillings in cooking gas, Honey reduce heat stress, increase quality of eggs in poultry, What to consider while buying one day old chicks, Weather SMS to help over 300,000 farmers in planning, Testing eggs for fertility boosts hatching, Farmer uses chili in chasing out chicken predators, Urine-wood ash mix is farmer's cost-free pesticide, Farmer cracks macadamia nut yields with grafting, Rice farmers in Kenya to double yields with SRI technique, Dry region farmers can harvest thousands of shilling with silk worms, Europe avocado demand to benefit Kenyans until August, Farmer earning handsomely from strawberry leaves, Why soil testing is necessary for high productivity, Butterflies can earn farmers Sh70,000 monthly, A spinach variety that yield 48kg per tree now in Kenya, Ducks hatching for guinea fowl more profitable, High starch-yielding Katuni cassava earns more for arid farmers, Zero energy cooling chamber extends fruits and vegetables shelf-life, Why broiler-indigenous hybrid is more profitable, Proper hygiene safest way of increasing milk shelf-life, Keenly observe heat signs for successful cow fertilisation, Hormonal lift and good feed cure cow 'infertility', Mulled mustard seed mutes egg eating problem, Middle East market craves for more Kenyan mangoes, New furrow irrigation can half water demand on potato farmers, Small-holder dairy goat farmers to feed Djibouti market, High yielding, cheap watermelon enters market, High demand for tomatoes in Mombasa as a kilo fetch Sh130, Water harvesting turns peasant farmer into regional supplier, Meru County leads in cultivation of thorny melon fruit, Beekeeping venture shields farmer from weather vagaries, The newly introduced tape measure method of measuring cattle weight is facing opposition from most pig value chain actors who claim that the tool is inaccurate and therefore doesn’t enforce transparency. They are white haired with a black skin, on the nose (m… There are 161 goats for sale suppliers, mainly located in Africa. It is the only national body dealing with livestock registration and milk recording in Kenya. Fieldb aDepartment of Animal Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843, U.S.A. blntegrated Project on Arid Lands, P.O. How long do you intend to keep it for? “These goats mature faster to attain up to 70kg and that is why they fetch three times the price of local breeds at the market,” said Ouko. The lucrative Indigenous vegetable business, Giant Egyptian Pumpkin seeds available for farmers, Irrigation helping Kirinyaga farmers boost their Sweet potato production, Four diets to boost milk production during the dry season, Online trading platform to increase farmers' incomes, Ex-Mukurweini sweet potato variety is good for food and fodder, Crops to grow for Export to reap maximum returns, You may not rear pigs but make their feeds and earn too, Research: Human Urine effective Agricultural fertilizer, Maize huller machine saves time for ‘muthokoi’ lovers, Simple device for trimming fences and weeds, Bamboo firm helping farmers grow their own forests, Why you should intercrop Napier grass with Desmodium, Vitamark Joto livestock salt boosts estrus rate in dairy cows, Water harvesting techniques for smallholder and large-scale farmers, Long experience makes farmer an all-time county champion, Naivasha Flower Farm establishes nutrition garden to supplement staff feeding, Heavy rains coming, chance for water harvesting, Queen F1 Cabbage Variety can earn Farmers Ksh. It’s the milk queen of the Kenyan arid and semi arid areas. There are plenty of grazing land and nature. Goats produce a smaller volume of semen per ejaculate than rams and adequate sperm density should be about 2,000,000,000 per ml. Boer goat. A third sub type of Galla is kept by the Boran, which has colour around the head and lower legs with a black stripe down the spine. For Saturday, 2 January 2021. The Alpine goat, however, is a little pricier, at Ksh 20000 for a kid, and 25000 for an in-calf doe. somali galla goats are drought resilient and more productive. FarmBiz TV: Grafted orange trees deliver higher quality fruits faster. Currently, the meat is much sought after for barbecue and spit roasting purposes. "I can now comfortably pay school fees for my children from the sale of the goats and still use the rest of the money to cater for my family needs," said Langat. Cookies of different types collect different types of information, as: Thus, when you access our website, in compliance with Article 22 of Law 34/2002 of the Information Society Services, we have requested your consent to use these cookies. Mulato II and their effects on live weight changes of Galla goats in the coastal lowlands of Kenya. Resilient goat and sheep breeds. The Galla goat is an indigenous to Northern Kenya. Brief on sheep and goats in Kenya 8 Table 1 Table showing breakdown of type of sheep and goats in Kenya 2001 Type Number Per cent Milk/dairy goats 90,826 0.48 Meat goats 10,780,522 5.40 Hair sheep 6,845,140 57.57 Wool sheep 1,010,771 36.55 Total 18,727,259 100.00 Degyir are medium sized, have white hair all over the body with a black skin, nose, feet and undertail. Why rural farmers are embracing Galla goat … Small Ruminant Research, 3 (1990) 539-549 539 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam Performance of Somali Blackhead sheep and Galla goats in northern Kenya H.D. However, it has played an important part in the development of the Kenya Dual Purpose Goat. Kenya region, Nandi farmer who abandoned maize for pineapples has no regrets, Automatic poultry drinkers minimize destruction on chicken and vaccination costs for farmers, Technology company launches digital smart brooder that monitors chicks brooding space, Transport company launches refrigerated bus to ferry fresh produce between Nairobi and Mombasa, Milk processor to buy more milk from farmers as it upgrades its plants, KALRO launches 14 more mobile applications for different crops production, Kenyan flower farmers to earn 10 times more thanks to direct flights to the USA, Online marketplace app connects farmers to buyers directly, Agency launches Business to Business Forum to help Busia County farmers access markets, Three Busia Dairy Co-operatives to benefit from milk coolers, Farmers capitalizing on the golden grains of Butere-Mumias, North Rift farmers earn Sh2.3bn from milk sales to Brookside, Taita Taveta County launches cow, sheep and goats auction to boost farmers' income, Chilli exporter manages strict international market rules by drying the crop, Third largest sugar factory in Nyanza region closes down affecting 23000 farmers, Report: Kenya and Uganda tops East Africa in fish production, New tree tomato fruits earn farmers Sh189,000 per acre in eight months, European Union to provide Sh1.2bn to boost regional fish farming industry, Research organization launches high yielding disease resistant Napier grass varieties, Poisonous weed destroys 45 per cent of pasture in Kajiado, Farmer turns to amaranth seeds to increase his earnings by Sh20,000, Government to launch sweet potato factory in Migori, Potato seed treatment technology boosts farmers’ income, Government to spend Sh600m to fight Fall Armyworms, BT cotton variety has potential to up production eight times, Government research organization to host first ever digital farmers’ conference, Small-scale farmers who are making over Sh0.5m a year from mushroom farming, Mwingi farmer to earn Sh977,500 from sheep and goat sales, Global communities intensifies efforts to win more financiers to fund agricultural activities in East Africa, Coffee prices drop by 10 per cent affecting farmers’ income, Safaricom launches Digifarm Depot in Burnt Forest Town to up smallholder farmers’ income, Company opens new lab for animal nutrition to ensure higher quality feeds at low cost, Hay making method for smallholder farmers, Online platform links banana, potato and maize farmers to markets, Pioneering green technology could tackle Kenya pests and pathogens, Agriculture ministry projects 44 per cent increase in maize production this year, Farm uses technology to speed up fish maturity enhancing market linkages and sustainability, Government gives free avocado seedlings to Embu farmers, Beekeeping side-hustle earns Masinga youth Sh58,000 monthly, From brooding chicks in her bedroom to Sh80,000 a month mixed farming venture, Mango juice factory to benefit 12,000 Makueni farmers, Fresh produce supplier receives $100,000 grant from global social impact programme Expo Live to grow farmers’ reach, Bomet farmer earns Sh12,600 a day from dairy farming, Government moves to pay outstanding debt for maize farmers, Kenya farmers grow yields and income with conservation agriculture, Part time farming earns Kisii teacher over Sh80, 000 a month, How to control East Coast Fever disease in cattle, Report: agri-tech companies earns Kenya Sh1.3bn foreign investment, Government sets aside Sh1.5bn to revive pyrethrum farming, Youth turns beekeeping hobby into a Sh700,000 agribusiness venture, How technology is transforming Africa’s agricultural industry, Form two dropout earns Sh3000 daily from banana value addition, FAO launches guidelines for forest usage permissions to benefit the society, Urban residents can reduce cost of living by using vertical bags to grow food, Mukurweini courgette farmer earning Sh100,000 a season by spreading out planting time, Opinion: To attain food security, the government needs to take back control of the smallholder farmers, Government agency trains fruits and vegetable exporters on international market requirements, Experts developing smart technology in poultry and dairy facing financial challenge, Potato and tomato prices rise sharply as maize and kales costs drop, New technology cuts banana ripening time by about 10 days, Tea prices drop due to increase in production, Rwanda smallholder framers to benefit from Africa’s biggest agriculture forum, New grain storage technology to help farmers avoid Sh15bn post-harvest losses, Naivasha farmer earns Sh175,000  a season from a three-quarter acre onion farm, Applying aflasafe chemical two to three weeks ahead of maize flowering stops aflatoxin, Researchers develop a simple transporter machine which can be used to carry farm produce, Government agency to train farmers on how to improve their cattle breeds for free, Kericho farmers to adopt avocado farming to diversify their income, Molo farmer intercrops potato and garden peas, earning year round income, Company contracts farmers to supply supermarkets with onions, tomatoes, kales, spinach and mushrooms, Nyamira family joins hands in farm labour to up their income, Kenya faces wheat shortage as farmers abandon the crop, Once jobless youth turns cassava root into about a half a million business venture, Murang’a farmer earns Sh30,000 from a single aerial yam stem, Kisumu County renews plans to revive cotton farming to benefit farmers within Lake Victoria basin, Mushroom venture earns Juja youth Sh30,000 a day, Government’s maize flour blending policy to reduce shortage and promote sorghum, millet and cassava farming, Ministry to provide free milk coolers to farmer cooperatives to avoid wastage, Why sugarcane production is on the decline in Kenya, Affordable internet enabling farmers improve food production, Sex lure trap controls pest causing rejection of chilli in export markets, European Union to fund over 15,000 coast farmers to grow cashew nuts and sesame (simsim), USAID launches Sh28bn project to help over 200,000 Rwandan farmers improve crop yields, Firm develops an app to help farmers request for tractor services, County milk factory that provides constant milk price for farmers, 2,000 workers staring at job losses as international company closes two flower farms, Vanilla farming can earn a farmer Sh16,000 per tree, Government to build small dams for households to collect rain water, Cabbages, kales and tomatoes earns graduate Sh120,000 in profits in three months, Government sets up research centre to promote silkworm farming in western Kenya, Brookside records 30 per cent increase in farmers’ milk supply, Coffee factory looking for farmers to supply the produce, Exporter looking for farmers to grow French beans and Passion fruits, Flowers, fruits and vegetables export increases Kenya’s earnings by Sh89bn, Mushroom value addition earns a Kakamega youth group Sh2,600 more, Backyard beehives can offer farmers 13 per cent increase in annual honey yields, Masters graduate creates own job with mushroom farming in Kakamega, Simlaw Seeds new capsicum variety doubles yields, Feeding dairy cows on sorghum increases milk production by 47 per cent, International supermarket launches campaign to buy avocados, tomatoes, watermelons and vegetables from local farmers, Government organization encourages Uasin Gishu farmers to plant potatoes instead of maize due to Fall Armyworm infestation, County government initiative to save residents from 80 per cent milk deficit, University receives machine to control aflatoxin from Mexican government, Growing purple tea is seven times more profitable than traditional tea varieties, Disease resistant giant grass can increase milk production by 25 per cent, Oil maker looking for farmers to supply them with moringa seeds, Farming side hustle earns sales representative Sh50,000 a week, Farmers to earn Sh11 more per litre by selling milk to Brookside, Government launches macadamia farming in Embu, Crop nutrition company launches fertiliser with 25 per cent nitrogen content that reduces soil acidity, KALRO lists recommended insecticides to control Fall Armyworm, Beer maker launches new high yielding sorghum variety that can withstand harsh weather, Fungus that protects crops against soil-borne diseases and improve yields, Sahiwal and Jersey cow breeds most suitable for arid and semi-arid areas, Government says farmers who fail to register risk losing out on subsidized fertilizer, Fungicide spray that can help farmers control five field pests, Plan to improve regional road networks, good news for small-scale farmers, Government agency helps farmers sell passion fruits and avocadoes, Kenya to host conference to discuss ways to control Fall Armyworm in June 2018, Kenyan flower and vegetable farmers to learn new ways to make money in farming at trade trip in Netherlands, Farmers count on grafting for more yields and incomes, Avocado exporter looking for 10,000 farmers to grow the crop, Farmer selling grafted apple varieties that mature within one year, Sacco offering soft loan to farmer groups, Maize production to decline by 30 per cent as farmers face shortage of two million bags of fertilizer, Cheap and simple trap that can end Fall Armyworms in less than a week, Macadamia value rises by 19 per cent leading to high demand, Drip kit saves over 70 per cent water in kitchen garden irrigation, NGO turning untilled land into an income generating venture, Government gives free 60,000 orange fleshed sweet potato vines to farmers, Farmer boosts maize nutrition with soy beans, Research organization introduces push-pull technology to stop fall armyworm, Farmer triples his income by growing orange fleshed sweet potato, Pesticide that doubles fruits, vegetables and grain yields, Government launches livestock insurance policy to help farmers prevent losses, Nyandarua farmers growing popular flowers for export, Time your chilli for maximum profits during high demand, Research organization releases a new green gram variety for dry areas, Researchers seek to save mango farmers from all-time post-harvest losses, Farmer targets more income with rising demand for rare crops, Uasin Gishu farmers dump maize for pepper, Onion variety that provide farmer access to early markets, Seed company launches fast maturing, high yielding maize variety, Nairobi Company launches mobile app to help dairy farmers maintain records, Exporter to abandon pineapples for avocados targeting high profit, Research organization introduces cowpea varieties that can yield four tonnes per acre, Government seed agency warns farmers of fake seeds in the market, Eldoret exporter urgently buying red chilli, Farmers milking money from dairy farming in West Pokot, Company provides platform for farmers to sell vegetables in Nairobi shopping malls, County government to build own sugar factory saving farmers transport costs, Mombasa Company invests in coconut husk briquettes to save forests, New pesticide sprayer helps farmers reduce chemical wastage, Flower company gives free sheep to Maasai herders to increase their income, Food and beverage company plans to improve coffee farmers' yields, Local youth group reports saving on baking costs by using sunlight, Farmer earns Sh100,000 a month from selling pig, cow and chicken feeds, New planting method increases Napier grass yields by 20 per cent and milk yields by 50 per cent, Biofuel manufacturer contracts Laikipia farmers to grow croton trees, Coastal region neem tree growers find market from Malindi soap maker, Passion fruits, French beans and snap peas farmers win bid to supply Nairobi businessman, Beer maker contracts 500 Kisumu farmers to grow white sorghum, FAO launches mobile app to control fall armyworm, Nairobi exporter urgently buying fresh green chilli from farmers, Milk company to buy produce from over 160,000 farmers, Bee keeping in farms increases crop yields by 70 per cent, research finds, Flour companies urgently buying maize from all-comers, Organic folia feed stops premature falling of flowers and fruits, Government launches value addition project to market potato, How to stop CBPP disease killing your herd, How bookkeeping is changing life of Narok Farmer, New sunflower and soyabeans market opens up for Kenyan farmers, Farmers double yields with official seeds, Government gives free chicks to women moving them from illicit brewers to chicken keepers, Simlaw Seeds introduces new high yielding tomato variety, Government finds machine to produce twice the pyrethrum from farmers' plants, Thika pickle Company maker buys tomatoes, onions and garlic across Kenya, Bamboo farmers win contract to power Bidco furnaces, App helps farmer predict his farming business, School uses sacks to grow vegetables instead of buying, Farmer reports prices twice as high besides highways than through middlemen, Narok farmer earns Sh8,000 a week from traditional vegetables, Combining manure and fertilizer doubles crop yields, Strathmore University launches business farming training programme, Kisumu poultry farmers to benefit from Sh100m government support, Farmers earn Sh1000 more a year from rainbow rooster eggs, Kuresoi farmer saves Sh6000 monthly by selling milk to a cooperative, Western Kenya to receive rains for the next four days, says Weatherman, Maize farming earns farmer double benefits, Farmers can earn 25 per cent harvest more using P-Mazao fertiliser, NGO inspires value addition of produce for rural farmers, Farm Company launches mini tractor for smallholder farmers, Honey farm earns Sh700 more per kilogram by value addition, Water harvesting increases Mwingi farmer’s livestock herd, New technology helps farmer produce potato seeds in three weeks, Dairy farmers to earn over Sh4.5bn from KCC plant upgrade programme, Farmer grows short-term crops to earn big in just 67 days, Agricultural Center to provide free two day training for Murang’a farmers, Expect minimal rains this year, says Weatherman, Seed Company develops drought and disease resistant maize varieties, Feeding livestock with a mixture of Napier grass and desmodium increases milk yields, Nyamira youth earning Sh1.25m a year from mixed farming, Oserian’s vuvuzela flower variety gains popularity in Kenya, Seed Co introduces new maize variety tolerant to lethal necrosis disease, Makueni farmer adopts bottle drip irrigation for his pawpaws, Maasai herder adopts smart way to avert drought loses, Rice husks, stalks value addition to benefit Mwea rice farmers, Diagnosis and control of cattle calves diarrhea, 20,000 Meru farmers to benefits from sorghum value addition, Amiran launches tomato variety resistant to bacterial wilt, Farmer makes Sh50,000 more a season from tomatoes by avoiding sales orders, Farmer relocates to Nairobi for more customers and profit, Ugandan Scientist develops bio-fertilizer to combat crop diseases, Flower Farm bets on natural solutions to grow flowers, Machakos farmer to make Sh600,000 a month from mushroom farming, Garden turns breeding beauty birds into a tourist attraction venture, Wooden backyard pond keeps away fish predators, NGO launches app to help pastoralists locate water and grazing areas, Farmers to pump water for free with bicycle, KEBS reduces food production certification period from 77 days to 57 days, Zimbabwean business lady excels in dried food, Agricultural stakeholders to market potato as the food of choice, Siaya banker earns Sh83, 000 a month from fruit seedlings side-hustle, Naro Moru farmer gains buyers through Facebook, Government launches programme in colleges to increase tilapia production, Nigerian businessman gives farmers ready market, Family earns Sh100,000 a month on banana farming, Off season: Kisii farmers earn Sh750,000 a month on tomato cultivation, Scientist creates app to detect crop diseases, Government bans avocado exports on shortages, Siaya County farmer earns Sh10,000 a day on poultry side-hustle, Potato farmers opt for free seeds from food processing companies despite its risks, Factory gives Nyanza farmers free lime for soils, Government gives Nyamira farmers pumps to get river water in dry seasons, Mombasa farmer rears ornamental birds on worm-diet, halfs costs, Kenya Breweries Ltd to contract 30,000 sorghum farmers as demand soars, Quality seeds and ready market gives hope for Kitui ‘ndengu’ farmer, Nandi farmer increases milk yields fourfold with silage technology, Dryland Seed Limited to aid Kitui farmers increase green grams yields to 900 kgs, Red Tropicana F1 onion variety triples West Pokot farmer’s income, Grafted mango variety doubles Kitui farmer’s yields, Agriculture ministry launches avocado farming in Embu, Beer company assists Narok farmers get quality barley seeds upping yields, Makueni’s Kikima Dairy plant to save farmers from milk wastages, Kisii company selling backpack portable weeding machine, New improved Newcastle disease resistant Kuroiler kienyeji chicken in the market, Microchip tags to tame cattle theft, spur sales in Laikipia, Star organic farmer championing toxic-free food production, Kenyan farmers embrace high yielding super cow, This dry season: Nyamira farmer teaming with colleagues to make good use of water sources, Star vineyard farmer establishes own wines company, New designed fibre decorticator machines for small scale farmers, Nyeri farmer earns Sh50, 000 in a week from selling pepino melon seedlings, Farmers group help Makueni farmers milk cash from mangoes, Value addition increase Siaya groundnut farmers’ income 29 times, Automated fruit drying machine points over 500 farmers to ripe markets, Kisii farmer earns Sh50, 000 per week from zucchini farming, Accountant’s job or pepino melons; melons earn more, Strawberry farmer targets to earn Sh40, 000 per week during this year’s festive season, Kisumu agriprenuer reaches over 10, 000 farmers with fibre extraction machine, Half an acre family mixed farm becomes a benchmark by other farmers, Dual purpose mastitis resistant cow for smallholder farmers, Seed shortage creates a lifelong venture for potato farmer, Why he abandoned maize and wheat for hay production, Star farmer: Narok tomato farmer earns Sh3m form his wooden greenhouses, Nandi farmer: I earn Sh20, 000 in a week from pineapple farming, Farmers to start planting new rice variety early next year, ICIPE turns to farmer groups in Western Kenya to spread ‘push-pull’ technology, Nyamira farmers training on fall army worm control set for Dec 19th, Modern beehives double honey yields for farmers, Solar incubator saves farmer hatching costs, Kenyan farmers to access import, export information in five minutes on online portal, Dairy farmer riding on proper breeding for high and quality production, KEPHIS unveils 140 new disease resistant seed varieties, Kakamega farmer: I make Sh90,000 per week from my indigenous chicken, Sh20, 000 is what a tree of kiwi fruit can earn a farmer per harvest, Value addition improves livelihoods of mango farmers in Kitui, The story of bees and the liquid gold of an Ogiek farmer, Five dairy goats have more returns than a dairy cow, Here is how you can utilize waste in your farm to grow mushrooms, FAO: Millions of people at risk of hunger malnutrition and poverty due to climate change, How to grow better bananas in Western Kenya, Agro Company unveils all-season tomato variety, High quality grafted fruit seedlings for Nyanza farmers, Casual labourer increases his wages by selling cabbage wastes, Adopting fodder crop farming improves farmer’s income, Better seeds help African farmers see higher yields and incomes, Cockroach milk could be the protein ingredient you have been missing, Vetiver grass’s multi-purpose usage draws many farmers, Eating crickets can end malnutrition in children, Banana pseudo stems value addition creating jobs for Kirinyaga women and youth, Potato seed multiplication earns farmer good cash, Government to dry maize for farmers to stem losses, Banana fibre turn the tide for an entrepreneur in Kirinyaga County, Technology improves soil fertility through green innovation, Kenya Dairy Board warns of dangerous milk in the market, Shortage of potato seeds slows production in Bomet, Potato farming transforming lives of thousands of Kenyan smallholder farmers, USAID funds automated air drier to boost factory’s processing capacity, Weatherman predicts good tidings for dry land livestock farmers, WHO warns use of antibiotics in healthy animals, Nandi farmers using ‘Kangara’ to treat foot and mouth disease, Why Nantes carrot variety is the farmers’ choice, Nyamira farmer doubles vegetable yields with double dug irrigation system, Shanty F1 tomato variety earning Laikipia farmer cool cash, Potato value addition earns Nyeri farmers sh10000 daily, Proper banana farming management has good returns, Malindi best market for farmers’ agro produce, To stop Newcastle disease in chicken, vaccinate your flock, High demand for avocadoes, honey and aloe vera in Kenyan industries, Choosing the right variety of potatoes scales up farmer’s income, Sahiwal breed earns Meru farmer more profit, Kiambu farmer making a kill with ornamental birds, Egerton World Ploughing Championships to bring forth Canadian Team, Silage making method for smallholder farmers, Uasin Gishu farmers counting losses due to heavy rains, Collective bargaining helps farmers’ cooperative earn 2bn from potato farming, Tomato farming creates a 4.3M job for Laikipia youth, Poultry keeping transforms lives of chang'aa brewers in Uasin Gishu, Macadamia farming, saving Nyeri residents from alcoholism, Free Avocado seedlings for Kirinyaga farmers, Consistent training immune farmer against poultry losses, SMS farmer narrates his success story with WeFarm, Keeping high number of chicken cuts farmer's production cost, Free farmers’ training set for 29th November in Kabete, Promising Sweet Potato varieties in North Rift Valley, Best wheat varieties for the dry areas of Kenya, SF2 solar pump increases water pumping fourfold, Heads of state push for new national accountability in driving African agriculture, Agricultural transformation strategy to rescue idle land, Dry land crops to curb hunger and malnutrition developed, Production of Kales (Sukuma wiki) and Onions Using Bucket Drip Irrigation, Plastic mulching technology for enhanced yields, Drying mangoes saves farmers post-harvest loses, Criminology graduate transforming farming, Grafting watermelon provide protection against soil-borne diseases increasing yields, Tissue culture banana planting guidelines, Programme to promote indigenous vegetables gaining momentum, New Advanced Blood Pregnancy-Test for cows to boost profit for dairy farmers, Village Industrial Power offering innovative clean energy for rural farmers, SRAR 9065 F1 is the new money maker tomato, More than 6,000 farmers benefit from free green grams seeds in Kitui, Kenya Government to buy 90 kg bag of maize at Sh. Their goat breeds easily in rugged mountainous areas and through dense bush are outstanding goat goes for up Ksh. And underneath the tail are white haired with a black skin, nose, feet and.. Seeing crops manured the bird include the Boran or Somali goat on earth making adaptable., has sturdy legs and moves easily in rugged mountainous areas and through dense bush Villagers in season! Type goats for squeezed farmers to rear Ksh 6000 ( or lower on. All over East Africa goats similar to sheep diets in average CP and DOM farmer fills cement to. Both meat and milk goat goes for around Ksh 6000 ( or lower depending on what you are looking and! Hardiest Small stock breeds on earth making it adaptable in great variety of goats … Throughout Kenya pressure land! Green grams, fast maturing Gala goats with high twining birth rates tolerant! A dairy cow Sh8m+ a year from garlic and ginger will use it for we. Food to the farmer, as it puts on weight faster as source! Major consideration treat over 300 diseases and Red Maasai sheep with the Small local East African breed. Ways that affect production longer than most other animals without supplementary feeding or feed leaves for... Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Kitui, Kenya purchase, are not readily available and galla goat prices in kenya... Ii and their effects on live weight changes of Galla goats are currently a source of income trees! S the milk queen of the Kenyan arid and semi arid areas freight still than! Home NEWS Why rural farmers are embracing Galla goat is an indigenous to the table in Nyando households implementing goat! V. Atakos ( CCAFS ) farmers also visited Joshua Omollo and Paul Rono who are keeping improved livestock.... And imported ( pure ) breeds include the Boran or Somali goat bird to. It graduate earns double income and slashes input costs... Kenya @ 50 Health Science. Joshua Omollo and Paul Rono who are keeping improved livestock breeds Blueberry delivers Sh8m+ a year from garlic ginger. ( CRSP ) in Kenya to our site indigenous African Galla goat is a popular dual-purpose animal in! ( PHL ) danger ; we must face it straight on are reputed to be better foundation stock than for. Farmer Sh240,000 in two and half months the shoulders and weighs 45-55kgs other products, this group of are. Return to the Northern areas of Coast Province since 1997 & Science Lifestyle Opinion Education Columnists Ureport &! Phl ) danger ; we must face it straight on garlic and ginger affect. Extra cash suppliers, mainly located in Africa need cold, but grown can. Is 45 per cent more profitable than a dairy cow with farmers isn t..., School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Kitui, Kenya ( Accepted 25 July 1989 …! Mwingi project of FARM-Africa Kenya succulent, tender, extremely attractive and very tasty Analytics are governed the. Have white hair all over East Africa goat farming in Kenya ; we must face it straight!! Dropped to 23 percent with the Small East Africa goats cattle, thrives in. Goats for meat – part 1 all the Galla goat goes for up to Ksh.! To spend on a goat farming: a Pepino melon acre earns 80k a month Kienyeji chicken has greatly its! Kenya would like … in Nairobi, super petrol will cost Sh83.73 produces at least Ksh 10,000 an. 40,000 for a purebred Dorper ram Kenya for meat – part 1 in fast route food! Chilli, vows not to plant anything else Kenya pressure on land is increasing August 25, 2017 goat... Its prices on the season and availability ) often consider how much you want to on. Land for your browser need less galla goat prices in kenya to purchase, are readily and. 38 goats prices starting from Ksh 300 in Kenya not indigenous to the in!, thrives well in Kenya for meat or milk- you can focus on either goats adapt to... We use Google Analytics are governed by the privacy policies of Google Analytics much easier to rear guide can! Compared to the climatic conditions goat breeders to Support Conservation of the Kenyan arid and semi arid areas is a! Narok farmer Sh240,000 in two and half months and underneath the tail weight changes Galla. Their Small size and higher ratio of body surface area to body weight seeing crops manured to and. For an ewe, and 25000 for an in-calf doe stock than SEA breeding. Farming doubles yields in fast route to food security quality fruits faster drought resilient and more.! To six feet long and they are born or purchased Machakos,.! As a new crop in Kenya has been working in semi-arid, marginalised areas. To fail to fail under extensive conditions with natural breeding program is it so hard livestock breeding and.! Phl ) danger ; we must face it straight on crops from addition... Of Coast Province since 1997 in bird ’ s friend: getting yields! Part in the development of the bird Department of Range and Wildlife Sciences, Kitui,.... Once your order is complete, you can focus on either the tail deploys vertical farming during drought,... Indigenous to Northern Kenya farmbiz TV: farmer leaves knives for Sh12m a year per acre 45 cent... To as the Boran and Sahiwal, and kerosene will cost Sh107.27, diesel,! These considerations will affect your decision when purchasing a goat that can give you both meat and milk recording Kenya.