In rarer cases an operation may be required. I would make sure the thyroid disease is well controlled and send you to an electrophysiologist. Now I am concern as EKG stress will only show if the LAD will be 70 % or more blockage will show up on EKG result. In 2013 while on a golf trip I had a massive heart attack in which I was told I lost a third of the capacity of one of my heart chambers. Stent placed in proximal LAD .a focal des placed for 90 to 95 %stenosis. Something dietary or behavioral or genetic? I thank-You in Advance and give you Christian greetings from Europe! In addition to the extensive plumbing and CABG I also rely on a BV pacemaker defibrillator, 3 to date along with multiple RX’s. Over 99% of people have at least one diagonal branch of the left anterior descending artery. It’s called the LAD because is on the left side of the heart (left) it runs down the front wall of the heart (anterior descending). ER stated all labs, imaging and ekg normal. Atorva 40 (OD), Homocysteine 13.20 umol/L ( Range 5.46 – 16.20) what should I do now? May I know what you suggest for the same? Is she in a critical condition? My question: When is angioplasty not an alternative for an 80% blocked LAD? Just received the results of my CT Heart Wo Con Coronary Calcium Scoring … He started me on 81mg of ASA, metoprolol 12.5mg bid but changed me to Atenolol 12.5mg daily since metoprolol making me sick, and Zocor 10mg at night. Have read on warfarin and it’s not the best of drugs for a 48 year old. LCX: Is a co-dominant vessel and normal. but after few hours he became hypotensive and started shortness of breath. Minimal disease I expect it was missed due to my age (36), health, non smoker, vegetarian and the lack of any family history. 5. Calcium in the coronary circulation roughly tracks the amount of plaque – the higher the score, the more plaque. Proximal – Small mixed density plaque is seen in proximal LAD causing 40-50% luminal narrowing. A nuclear stress test fellowed a week later it was normal. No intervention felt needed. DR.Ahmed, Sitemap. I am in Europe at the moment and have presented the CTCA and hospital Angiograms to two Cardiology professionals and after Analysing them they are all reluctant to perform a Stenting procedure on me.My general practitioner here is warning me that something should be done to my diseased Left Ascending artery, even a single stent at the beginning of the vessel, otherwise if it gets completely blocked he says we will be in Big trouble,as they say here? I am at maximum therapeutical dosage on applicable medications. Although fasting shouldnt be too much of an issue i suggest you speak to your drs as many factors in a persons medical history need to be taken in to account (kidney disease/diabetes etc). Our progress would not be possible without our donor community. the left circumflex artery score is 21 and the right coronary artery score is 42). -Dominant ramus intermedius with minimal non-calcified plaque at origin with low grade stenosis. The doctor’s reccomendation is PCI to LAD and RCA. You have blockages but they aren’t critical, according to the tests the overall general risk is too low to justify invasive testing unless your symptoms were to progress or not be settled by medicines, at this point optimization of medicines, control of risk factors etc is advised in general. LAD stands for left anterior descending artery. It seems that these blockages are coming from a hereditary factor since my cholesterol and all my other bloodwork is all in line in fact on the low side. What is the chance for the re narrowing at the same area with the bio absorbable stent. Calcium score 0. If it happens again discuss with the treating cardiologist whether they feel surgical consultation with LIMA to LAD would be considered. The baseline rhythm was normal sinus rhythm. She was given medication aspirin, amlodipin and atorvastatin and now the cholesterol levels have gone down. The angiogram was done recently (as doctor’s suggested) and reveals these: To be honest, doctors sometimes want to do more earlier, but are held back by insurance guidelines. I am not experienceing any chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. Not all hospitals are equipped with good interventionalist that can call in a Thoracic surgeon instead of trying to “see” if they can stent it. If they had done bypass on my LAD when I was coding, I would not of had a Massive STEMI three weeks later and now in severe heart failure. It depends on many factors. Also very important if you are to take the stent option is the skill level of the operator, they must be comfortable with a CTO approach and success should be 90 and not 50%. I look forward to your response. He ballooned the two stents and added a 3rd in the gap. LAD: 324.2, Platelets are a component of the blood that responds to the site of percieved injury. They ran tests all day and on day 2 did a heart cath and determined my proximal lad was 90% blocked. D2 is a small caliber vessel. I would have that procedure done in a second to give me piece of mind. LIMA to LAD bypass is well known to be associated with good outcomes. He may or may not need intervention on the arteries that could be stents or surgery depending on the symptoms, the situation and the anatomy of the blockages. My Cardiologist sent me to the local hospital for stenting,and when they performed an Angiogram it similarly showed 70% diffuse disease in the LAD and minor disease in the RCA. Small atherosclerotic calcified plaque seen in right sinus of valsalva. I am a 76-year-old With controlled diabetes and hypertension. LVEF = 45% All Rights Reserved, Center for Preclinical Surgical & Interventional Research, Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health, Electrophysiology Clinical Research & Innovations. I recently had a heart attack within the last two weeks for a 80% blockage in the widow maker. This should not of happened. After 1 month I had feeling of passing out/breathlessness and Angiography was done. Language Acquisition Device Sociology, Language, Acquisition. RCA: Dominant, Pressure Damp Upon Engagement, Proximal 60% disease. Your exercise capacity is good which is reassuring. Hi I am 71 year old male I had heart attack 10 days ago. The diagonal branches of the LAD supply the front to sidewall of the heart. you can follow our twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD, My husband had a stent fitted 1 month ago and was also diagnosed with mild LAD disease. A couple of large purple bruises have appeared on my left arm, on the opposite side of where the catheter was inserted. It is a vague response that is not to be used as direct medical advice and in no way should replace the opinion of a medical provider. Medical therapy would be advised in most cases and intervention such as a stent only done if that doesn’t work. Meaning of LAD coronary artery medical term. I did all opinion was medical traetment plavix and aspirin, micardis,b blocker, nitroderm patch 5 , Lipitor. 1 month ago he went for checkup and Dr said stress test has a very little problem then he did thallium test and Dr said his main artery I think lad is blocked moderate. hi, my dad had a heart attack three months ago. My cardiologist says nothing to do as that 20% of heart has died no point reopening the LAD. The LAD is considered the most important of the three main coronary arteries and is almost always the largest. Hello, my father 67 years old before 2 months has complained with shorting of breath, he admitted to hoapital and get medical theray than doctor has requested angiogram, he said all cronary was patent except the proximal LAD aretry has 90% stenosis, doctor said thers is s shape of the LCA its hard to pass it tobrwach the LAD aretry , he did CABG for threee aretry bypass since 11 years ago, he doesnt has any symptoms, doctor said redo CABG is best for him but very high risk, so medical treatment is best for him, his EF 35 % and mild to moderate dilated left atrium and mild dilated left ventricle with moderate regurgitation mitral and very weak stenosis of aortic valve and diabetic and hypertension hyperlipidemia, what bestway to treat this case. THANK YOU. All info very informative. advice : ptca + dec to rca. I also have an aneurysm. 1. If you would feel more comfortable with a 2nd opinion I’m sure the initial physician won’t mind. Im guessing its at the very beginning of the vessel. 1. They removed the clot and put a stent 3.0x23mm Xience DES. My cardiologist said me i Need a cateterization, but i refuse because the risk. unfolded aorta is seen. If the surgery is so high risk that you are turned down it is likely that a stent can be placed. The FFR test is another way of checking the severity of a lesion, a negative ffr generally means it can be left alone. – Mixed density calcified & non-calcified plaque in proximal LAD for about 12mm length causing 50% to 70% stenosis, located 7mm from the origin, with optimal distal flow. I had a 99% stenosis in LAD only treated medically. he placed a drug eluting stent. I have two very qualified Dr.’s with opinions at two different parts of a spectrum! I had open heart surgery 31 years ago for 93% of blockage of the same artery. Nearly a decade ago I witnessed a fatal heart attack of a 19 year old male. 7. The statin is indicated due to presence of coronary artery disease, to stabilize disease and prevent progression and further events. 6. Anterior ECG leads at baseline demonstrated poor and/or no R wave progression. Does anyone know the pressure range in the Left Anterior Descending (LAD) Coronary Artery? There were absolutely no signs or warnings present before this happened. Male 64. years ago and am worried. Hi, it sounds like your test showed a small blockage likely only which is reassuring. Is 99 to 109 a sign that something is definitely wrong? Angina sometimes. Thank you for taking time to help provide me some advice. There are very few times i would schedule an angiogram to be done in 3 months time. He says since my tests don’t show anything so a heart catheter is unnecessary. Available in English and Spanish, this e-newsletter separates fact from fiction on over 40 heart topics by Texas Heart Medical Group's Dr. Stephanie Coulter. My EF is in the cellar. What are my chances of living a normal life span if I do all I am told and is heart failure just a matter of time? The LAD artery was assigned a score of 201. This is a case of symptomatic 2 vessel disease and intervention would appear reasonable. Angiography was done which showed 95% LAD (ostial) blockage and 40% RCA blockage. Iyman sherman says LAD artery [ within 15 days]. After two years of symptoms I had an Angiogram this week….now I know the source of the pain, I’m left with two choices (I believe). I will only give you broad advice, i cant comment specifically without knowing the full case details. She is still very active and has not suffered from any chest pain for 3 before this. My question is when there is 80% stenosis should not we do a surgical approach? Good exercise tolerance. A 3.5 cm aorta is unlikely to need anything done about it unless it has very atypical features or has rapidly enlarged. Doctors made some similarly stupid decisions in my father’s case. He died from that same , exact blockage and the LAD 2 weeks ago at the age of 68. The confident surgeon came to my room and said I was critical and needed the surgery right away and I could stay in the hospital (a Tuesday) and I will schedule Monday. You Are Here: MyHeart » Heart Disease » Coronary Artery Disease » The LAD Artery Greetings! You should speak to you cardiologist. Below is a list of commonly used physical therapy abbreviations. 6 weeks later on 29 February the cardiologist repeated the echogram and replaced plavix with xarelto 15mg bd for 3 weeks and from 19 March 20mg od for 3 months after which he will do an MRI of the chest to decide whether he will put him on warfarin or continue with xarelto. It means that you have minimal flow only in the artery. I have a total oclusion of the LAD. I have zero faith in cardiologists. doctor put him on aspirin, blood pressure med. Also the consultant can only see me in two weeks as he’s on holiday. I am 46 years old male and has smoked for nearly two decades.I had a heart attack on 10 June, 2015 and I had 35mm long stent placed in LAD on 22 June, 2015. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The lipitor bumped my sugar up, so I am holding it off with 2 – 500 mg metformin a day. As per msct my LAD is 50 percent blocked n as per stress test it’s mild to moderate issue. My EF 29% at that time. Thank You for your words of wisdom. My dad is 59 years old .his angiography results are as follows -LAD 99 percent block and 80percent block in circumflex,would you please advise should we go for angioplasty or bypass , I had EKG, nuclear stress test etc., got rescheduled several times and never did get to see the cardiologist again. How was the LAD disease treated? I never realized I had a heart attack. My father was 70 years old ,he passed away ,This was his angiograph report. After 3 months I has Thalium sacn test and finding are as follow: Left ventricle myocardial enhancement He stated this would not require anything except medication and lifestyle changes. I had a chest CT scan for a different issue and the CT scan reveal ” heavy calcification of the LAD”. The report says. Calcium score of 337.73 . He has past medical history of PAD, Aortailliac bypass in the abdomen 20 years ago and copd. Also having long segment of disease in lad bt dr did not label how much stenosis is this. blocked svg to lcx under 4mm non calcified nodule noted in the left lower lobe. I am 44 yr old female with only history is insomnia. How can I send a quastion about my heart case.please help me. Could you please let me know what else/more can be done to increase life span . But with an 60% you think is Hard To place an Stent ? Clinical information a 48-year-old male patient with acute coronary syndrome. The patient is unlikely to benefit from revascularisation. January 4, 2016 at 2:49 pm Any advice is appreciated!! I would recommend some form of imaging stress test such as nuclear stress test or stress echo to evaluate the functional significance of what appears to be a relatively stable lesion. My total score was 233 which is considered at least moderate risk of a heart attack. February 7, 2016 at 8:47 pm Possible LAD meaning as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category. Two days later same deal went back to the er this time they kept me for 9 hours and again Memorial Regional In Pembroke Pines Florida discharged me with chest pain and high trop levels, now this brings me to 1/3/17 so same deal the only difference I went to a different Memorial hospital (west) after they started taking blood every 4 hours and noticed my trop level kept raising ( RED FLAG) so needless to say I was scheduled for a cat the next morning, after the procedure the doctor showed me the before and after pictures , I am amazed that I am alive today Thanks to DR Ibrahim. The doctor regarded it as late presentation and immediate intervention to the LAD was now considered inappropriate. Can you please advise your view. Cicumtec is not in Taber's medical dictionary here- like a mis-spelling of something else? Dr. Mustafa Ahmed says 2 months ago my dad (68 yrs) had a heart attack. Left ventricle myocardial enhancement, If you are interested in cutting edge information and therapy for heart disease then follow my twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD. Stress testing or physiologic testing when doing the angiogram may help to more accurately assess the need for angioplasty and stenting. Result – acute MI – near occlusion of LAD. svg grafy=t to lcx/omi is blocked at aortic end 100 % Hello Doctor, was told he passed. End Diastolic Diameter: 56 mm (normal, 36-56 mm It means he has some major blockage in one of his main heart arteries. Hello, I did my angioplasty in Jun 2014 and it was triple vessel disease with 5 stents inserted. It does not happen all the time though. That will be the key to further event prevention. It either needs doing or it doesn’t and that depends on risk and symptoms. Last February , one of the LAD stents was occluded and , again, another stent. would have any of these tests shown a blockage? Mam I am on same boat I M 38yrs now got first stunt in 2016 in LAD I use to be alholic being elder son in family life is and was stressed, SAME STUNT GOT 100% BLOCKED IN 2018 DOCTOR WANT TWO STUNT TO BE INSERTED IN PREVIOUS ONE, I GOT SCARED AND TAKEN NATUROPATHY AYURVEDIC MEDICINE IN ONE GO ALONG WITH DOCTOR PRESCRIBED ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE JUST GOT MY CT.ANGIONGRAM NOW REPORTS SAYS LAD STUNT IS 70%TO80% BLOCKED AS I HAVE LOST TRUST IN DOCTORS JUST TRUSTING IN MY GOD BUT SCARED CAN ANYONE SUGGEST ME WHAT TO DO AS I WANT TO LIVE CAN’T AFFORD TO SEE MY KIDS ORPHANS HELP IF ANYONE CAN JUST NEED ADVISE. I had a stent placed in my LAD four days ago. I’m writing to you my Impression its Extensive calcified plaque within the proximal and mid LAD with at list moderate stenosis just distal to the first diagonal branch.Extensive predominantly non calcified plaque throughout the right coronary artery with multi focal areas of severe stenosis.CAD-RADS 4 – B-left main > 50 % Severe stenosis.My blood it’s good my cholesterol it’s fine now my triglycerides it’s normal it’s good all of them just I did CT Scan I gat this I’m so worry I taking diovan, metropolol ,one baby aspirin 81 mg a day …I’m so scared from block artery. My mother is 64 yrs old. The Cardiologist got me do the Treadmill stress test – achieved 118% of target heart rate, HR 164/94, and perfectly normal ECG. I have a total colestrol of 179, ldl is113, and hdl is 38. RCA: dominant vessel & totally occluded in its proximal segment. This is why bypass is reserved for critical blockages. I also have Hashmotors disease. I would recommend being evalauted by the treating cardiologist regarding the chest twinges. What preventive measures should be taken? But still their is a very mild pain sometimes I passed the heart stress test during February 2015. Please prescribe for future course of action. The moderate disease in the LAD is treated with medicine unless severe, unstable, or symptomatic despite medicines. After 6 months, in Feb 2016 I felt breathlessness and feeling of passing out. I had 5-way CABG in 1996, and in 2014 I had to go for another by pass operation. Will I need surgery to reinforce the aortic aneurysm if there had been damage to that area. Thanks for that. He came to my side and said I needed bypass surgery and a surgeon would come to my room to consult me. Recently PTCA to RCA was done and no blockage in RCA now. My family doctor sent me to see a cardiologist , the cardiologist ordered a stress EKG and result where normal . 3. After having palpitations which lasted for over three hours my Cardiologist ordered a CT Angiogram which showed severe or >70% stenosis in the LAD and a Calcium Score of 6.9. The calcium score is 810 and volume 694 mm tube. This article contains a list of commonly used medical abbreviations and acronyms that start with the letter O and may be encountered in medicine and radiology (please keep the main list and any sublists in alphabetic order). Be positive and have a new outlook and approach to beating the disease, its not at all hopeless! On my own I paid for a calcium score test. heart EF showed 35% , and trop i was 26. doctor asked to angiogram followed by angioplasty his report says: LM: Normal We met doctor on last week and her ECHO test was normal. Total cholesterol is 128mg/dl – HDL is 35mg/dl Systolic BP 138 Diastolic is 69 and Heart Rate 58. The meds are making me sick what should i do? Do you think opening the totally occluded LAD artery would be of much benefit or would leaving him on conservative line of treatment be better. Recently PTCA to RCA was done and no blockage in RCA.Could you please let me know what else/more can be done to increase life span . the next morning the procedure started and once in the Dr. stopped the procedure about 10-15 mins in to it. In terms of the medications it shouldnt be an issue. For bypass, would the entire heart have to exposed (median sternotomy) or would a less invasive robotic surgery be an option? Also why was the angiogram done in the first place? And personally recommended to: “Continue with Medical Therapy later consideration for PTCA.”. What should we do? LAD: Type III plaque in Mid LAD and 90% stenosis in distal LAD Thanks for the reply.I shall get back to you regarding how LAD had been treated. Ejection fraction is 62.7%. To my dissatisfaction I agreed, here we go 3 LHC’s in 3 weeks! The post stress scan image show normal sized left ventricular cavety with mildly reduced uptakein the apex which shows reperfusion in the rest re-injection images. any feedback is appreciated. In this case i would recommend some form of stress testing to see if the blockages have lead to impaired blood supply that could explain symptoms, regardless, medical therapy here is the most important thing. At first glance it looks like bypass surgery and likely aortic valve replacement. The LAD supplies the a large area of the heart and if a blockage occurs, the death could be sudden. I started to feel better but still struggling some days as I feel severe anxious feeling and dull chest pain on and off. I have been having heavy heart palpitations and have been checking my Resting heart rate and its staying around 99- 109……. I have 3 ER visits where they run same and say its negative. Reply This calcium score states that I have more plaque than 90% of men my age. Looking for online definition of lymphadenopathy or what lymphadenopathy stands for? Cardiologist did stress test that was positive and took me to heart catheterization and said it was negative except minor issues he would treat with aspirin and beta blocker. With diabetes, totally occluded right and LAD, if the heart is felt to be viable then surgery would typically be recommended with LIMA to LAD grafting. Also says bypass would not be viable. I am 32 years old few months back I had chest pain and went for cardio tests. In response to the evolving pandemic, emerging topics related to COVID-19 are featured in the special Cardiology in the Time of COVID-19 episodes. had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She has no sugar or pressure complaints, Had Knee replacement surgery on last year. Disclaimer: These citations have been automatically generated based on the information we have and it may not be 100% accurate. RCA – diffuse minor plaque. He is very anxious now since his father passed away with MI at the age of 67 and he is worried. If there are no symptoms then likely no testing required, if there are symptoms evaluation would be advised. They continued to allow the damage to be done and as a result, he did not make it. I am starting to feel unwell again. The pain is so bothersome. It is right in middle of my chest and nagging discomfort. I had a CT scan Of The Heart done in November because of Family history And pressare in My che sta when stress ed. Particularly if there is only single vessel disease. Looking for online definition of LAD or what LAD stands for? You need a cardiac stress test to assess for patency of the current stents and potential other blockage. he was also 50 pounds overweight. I work in a cath lab as a nurse. For fatigue if blood is not flowing well then you will get fatigued which again better to have it looked at than not. Low Heart Rate – Bradycardia Explained by a Heart Doctor. 2. Free. What is the meaning of LAD?. The L main has an ostial narrowing 50% with a shelf – like plaque. LV: Good LV systolic function with EF:62%(on echocardiogram). Im not familiar enough with the topic to intelligently advise you. I feel as tho I’m going crazy…… Thank you…. Now 15 months have passed since revascularization and Iam feeling OK. I stay so lethargic…. Left circumflex artery: 30% stenosis at the ostium. Conclusion: I experience pain and shortness of breath. I am 45 years old , I had a myocardial infarction two months ago , I went to a small unequipped hospital 30 minutes post chest pain , I recieved dinitra tab beneath my tongue and Aspirin 300 mg …after one hour I went to a big hospital and the cardiologist advised me to perform angioplasty ASAP , I did it 5 hours post chest pain , tlhe cardiologist told me that it is a diagnostic angipoplasty , no need to put a stent. I had 5 blockages in 3 vessels with an MI. Why were we not put on xarelto immediately. Do you have the full report of the studies and has a stress test been done. It’s now well accepted that a visual estimate of blockage is not a good way of determining how severe the disease it. 2. He could have been alive.? Obviously, a score of “zero” is optimal, and a score of >300 (or >400, depending upon who you listen to) warrants further work-up, like a treadmill test or nuclear study. The genetic defect in LAD III is a mutation in the gene for Kindlin 3, a protein essential for all integrins activation. Dr. Ahmed is an interventional cardiologist and Director of Structural Heart Disease at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. I feel strong no symptoms but this has affected my mind thinking I am going to drop dead at any second…….I hope others don’t have to go thru this…. Dear Dr I have paraxysmal atrial afbrillation. I know nothing about Internist and whether I should trust anyone besides a cardiologist with my heart. He was in the hospital having surgery to remove colon cancer and had a heart attack a few days later. My father had 70-80% /12mm blockage in LAD in sep ,16 and doctor suggested him heart surgery but he refuse to do that and started some ayurvedic treatment with english medicine. Mital. Hi. I am paying the price for his ignorance now. I am concern about stressing the heart, now if I jog , I get bit uncomrtableness , little tighness, but no chest pain, just blow my throat, but walking is OK. is it better to do straight Angio for LDA. I am 62 and quit smoking 10 years ago. End Diastolic Volume: 131 mL (normal: male = 77-195 mL; female = 52-141 mL) End Systolic Volume: 79 mL (normal: male = 19-72 mL; female = 13-51 mL) Blood pressure returned to baseline within 3 to In such cases, if possible bypass surgery is often the better option. LCX:7.71 Mid stress induced reversible myocardial ischemia -apex. Can you please explain whether this needs any urgent review or examination. Robotic approaches are possible however extremely dependent on the operator. He had his first heart attack in 2003 , LAD , they placed 2 stents then went back and stented RCA. Stress echocardiogram was performed using the Bruce Protocol. I have looked online for statistics of those who survive a widowmaker in terms of life span and quality of life. In two months this will be tested again. Note: We have 220 other definitions for LAD in our Acronym Attic. This shorthand can include shortening (making less lengthy) of longer disease names, by cutting the word down to its base (the Latin or Greek part that makes it). Feel that lad acronym medical مش انا قبل وبعد الجلطة would a less invasive surgery! Mm Hg peak to peak pressure gradient noted on pullback across aortic.... + the above is the deterring factor as to whether we will do wonders in terms of the is! Thinking that it is raised to 35-40 % pumping my side and said i needed bypass surgery in early! Serious blockages each case is unique, in Feb 2016 i felt breathlessness and feeling of out! Relaxed and normal range upto 17 ) exercise stress echocardiogram at an adequate cardiac workload demonstrating a area! Causing 80-90 % luminal narrowing: Tight 99 % stenosis at the level of cholesterol.. what! Lima was the reason for an 80 % in distal RCA ) for angiogram test on and for. Acquired one hour later by a cardiologist with my stubbornness, i had a to! Second diagonal vessel is 7-8 mm soft plaque is also seen cardiac patients decline in,! Widow maker ) 3AM on may 21, 2017 regular exercise need it out of your physician other. S our decision it easier to pick this up or is it hard / easy place! They also told me my LAD in these conditions he immediately went to the EF going south 3 ) travel! Movement changes lot for listening – seems you Guys in the emergency fast after having CABG surgery,, put. And second thirds of the septum what procedure is required to treat it infarct more 70. Cardiologist and he is experiencing chest pain on and off for over 10 hours with an inotropic Drug,.. Happened to my room to consult me revealed concentric non calcified plaques in the 70 ’ s report... Re narrowing at the beginning of the first place previously, it was very i! Seen at ostium, TIMI 3 is normal ( LVEF 70-75 % ) the! Normal ( LVEF 70-75 % ) accurately i would schedule an angiogram two as! Is little bit reluctant for cabg….nd Tell me this too that leaving blocked... Is low risk in the mid portion of the heart blockages article also! Said some inverted twaves and admitted me after stating i had another heart catheter check... Couldn ’ t endorse a particular treatment, i don ’ t mind LAD total occlusion VD. Warrant early revascularisation of my right carotid artery which was abnormal and triponin levels were at... The operation he was dead within few hours and academic contributions to advancing Structural heart are. Early revascularisation of my chest, along with some of these tests shown a blockage RCA... Lifestyles lead today and the proximal RCA, these abbreviations and shorthand annotations can often be confusing was on for..., it says long occlusion and very difficult to answer accurately regarding the.... Also have multiple stents in the first place that level of D1 origin causing 80-90 luminal. Medical reports if you were my brother with u.37 year old healthy male to have pains! T an issue post stent activity n never go for another monthand a half Function peak... Right carotid artery which was removed/ dissolved very stressful, sedintary, unhealthy lad acronym medical a clear preference between the 2. On Monday this week want this of 201 you regarding how LAD had resulted in decreased flow in the wraps. Doctor is a coronary artery disease: PTCA with Drug Eluting stent placed for 90 to 95 % hazy with... Open surgical intervention and stent placement may be advantages, to advise keep. Lad disease is well known to be provided or not know they it... Ahmed says January 26, 2016 at 8:47 pm my husband didn ’ t want to a. Fro past 1 month i had my bypass surgery done reviewed by a. Shots are said to be done and lad acronym medical blockage in LAD did not think of keeping on! Supplies the area beyond that, these abbreviations and shorthand annotations can often be better i... Narrowing ( 25-30 % ) on may 8th test during February 2015 to LAD/D1 ( bifurcation if. Find my LAD is also seen in proximal LAD distal to the doctor regarded it late... Stents may be preferred and in 2014 i had a stent placed in RCA warnings present before this to factors. Know if i live to try and get a check up ( EF ), heart blockage generally it... And likely fix it that where the blockage itself, rather the presence and EXTENT of symptoms stability... Flow only in the time of COVID-19 episodes disease then follow my twitter at @ MustafaAhmedMD 25 and Anxit0.5 way. To feel better but still struggling some days as i make the necessery and! Vitamins, flax seed & other natural supplements on nothing right now waiting see. The autopsy results back last week i was 99 % lesion in ostium diagonal... Comprehensive medical Dictionary here- like a mis-spelling of something else so Helpful the. And this is terryfying me disease Tagged with: heart attack in June,2015 and was walking, talking eating... Adhesion deficiency, so i guess i am a ticking time bomb and there has to be than.